Foot Locker Australian School Champs

Team Registrations – Championship Division

  • State Associations will advise the ASCOC of the teams nominated into the Championship Division to represent their State following their State Championships.
  • These teams will then receive a link to register directly to the Championship Division online via the Sports TG registration form.

Wildcard Placings - Championship Division

  • If a state declines to nominate a team to the Championship Division, the spot will become open to wildcard applicants.
  • All wildcard applications must be in writing to the Championship Organising Committee.
  • Any team seeking wildcard entry must be nominated in, and willing to compete, in Under-20 Division 1 if unsuccessful.
  • A Wildcard team that enters the championships division will be required to cover their portion of the Championship Referees Equalisation.

Team Registrations – Participation Division

  • All team registrations must be completed online via the Sports TG registration form.
  • The division have been set this year with 1&2 and 3&4 to allow Basketball Australia to move teams where needed to help make divisions more even.
  • Teams will receive confirmation of registration through an automated system containing their team code and password once the process is complete.
  • All teams MUST provide a score table person (1) for every game.
  • Team nominations are not considered finalised until payment has been made.
  • Nominations will close 6 weeks prior to the start of the tournament.
  • Nominations received after the closing date will be subject to acceptance by the ASCOC. The ASCOC reserve the right to refuse entry to teams if the planning has proceeded to such an extent that the inclusion of additional teams is impractical.
  • Nominations received after the closing date will incur a $100 late fee per team.

Individual/Player Registrations

  • All participants in both Championship & Participation Divisions (including players, coaches, and support staff) are required to complete the online individual registration form.
  • Individual registrations are due four (4) weeks prior to the start of the championships.
  • In completing the registration form, all participants agree to comply with the tournament policies and codes of conduct.


All team nominations carry a fee. All fees must be paid in full two (2) weeks prior to start of the ASC.


Withdrawal of Teams

  • Any team withdrawing after the closing date of team registrations will be subject to a $250 administration fee being taken from their refund of entry fee.
  • Any team withdrawing after the draw has been set will forfeit half of their entry fee.
  • Any team withdrawing within two (2) weeks of the beginning of the tournament will forfeit their entire entry fee.
  • Any team who withdraws during the tournament or fails to show to scheduled match will incur a forfeit fee of $300 per game. Where teams can provide evidence that they have been prevented from playing due to circumstances beyond their control, no fine will be applied. Flight bookings are not considered circumstances beyond control – all efforts should be made to follow advice from the ASCOC on flight time bookings.
  • Any team forfeiting their final game will be subject to the above forfeit fee as well as face possible disqualification from the following years championships.

Score Table & Score Table Duty

  • All participation division teams must provide one (1) person to run score bench for each of their games. This person cannot be a player in the team playing.
  • One person will run Stadium Scoring, the other the scoreboard.
  • Basketball Australia will provide a qualified score bench person to run the shot clock on Senior Div 1 games.
  • Score bench officials will be provided for all Championship Division games.